Attics Mythics … The history of these apartments that have become an object of desire …

Attics Mythics … The history of these apartments that have become an object of desire …

In modern architecture, the attic is the floor located nearest to  the roof, at the top of the face of the building, set back on the street side, to make way for a balcony or terrace.

At a time when the prices take off for this type of housing in Spain (and elsewhere), it is difficult to think that the penthouse was previously the apartment reserved for the porter or the service staff … Because at the time when the elevator did not exist (or was not within the reach of all budgets) and where the roofs were poorly insulated, the attic did not arouse so much greed: the first floors were the most wanted: no need to climb the stairs and in case of fire a faster exit: in short, the higher you went, the lower the prices … In this context, going down, we gained in size! (The social lift is something else 🙂
Everything has changed !
Today, we fight to rent or buy an attic even if the prices have flown! This type of good is rare and so expensive … Sometimes double for the same surface! In Madrid, at the height of the real estate bubble, the square meter of an attic has sometimes reached 13,000 euros … At the moment, in the central areas of the big Spanish cities, it costs on average 5,000 euros per square meter .
But the penthouse, in addition to representing an interesting investment, allows its occupants to feel as though they are at the countryside while being in town: the clear view, the nearly total absence of noise, the brightness and the possibility of having a small garden or a piece of garden that caresses the sky, simply help to forget the sometimes prohibitive prices.

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