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Barbara Czartoryska

Barcelona expat services

Of Franco- Polish origin, Barbara has grown up and worked in Europe, the U.S. and Africa… This nomad life gave her a passion for people and different cultures. ‘Serial- expat’, polyglot and curious in nature, she adapts and integrates with disconcerting ease to any type of situation.  She decided some years ago to settle down in Barcelona, cosmopolitan city where she finds synergy.  She will help you feel at home, and whole- heartedly help you discover and fall in love with this fascinating and multi- faceted city.


15 years as a reporter for international press groups and an accomplished professional in public relations and communication, she’s led economic as well as touristic campaigns in over 25 countries and has interviewed over a dozen heads of State.


Her knowledge of Barcelona and its inhabitants, her little black book (a never-ending list of personal and professional contacts) and her natural predisposition for helping others make her the ‘go- to’ person to welcome you to Barcelona and make your arrival and stay a particularly great experience.


Reactive, creative and empathetic, Barbara adapts to and relies on a vast network of professionals to answer to your specific needs (lawyers, real estate agents, tax specialists, brokers, accountants, interpreters, etc..) and always has your best interest in mind throughout all steps along the way.